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October 11

Larry Balsamo accepts his past president recognition award.
Group photo from Oct 11 meeting with guest speaker Kris Malandruccolo

Christmas Party 2009
Christmas Party 2009

Pictured, front row left to right:
Lou Student, Bob Droste, Claudia Walters. Carole and Larry Balsamo.
Standing, left to right:
Gary and Ellen Schick, Buddy and Amanda Staats, Ellen Student, Chris Coles, Elaine and David Lubbers, Gert and Dan Booher, Susie and Don Siegel, Josh Rawls and Jennifer Owens.

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Oct 2009
"What's Up with Sound"

Adam Livella of Sennheiser Corporation explains the new FCC radio spectrum allocations for UHF wireless microphones

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Sept 2009
"Gear and Now"
Tim Lynn of Springfield Illinois with The Red Camera and gear
Attendees with show and tell gear including HD cameras, support apparatuses,
The Red Camera and a teleprompter
Eric Hector (on truck) and Tim Lynn show their rentable Grip Truck
to members David Lubbers and Buddy Staats

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July 2009

In front: Hostess Edith Young, Terri Booher, Claudia Walters
On the couch:  Justin Ogden, Paul Meyers, Susie Siegel, Larry Balsamo, Elaine Lubbers,
    David Lubbers, Gert Booher, Ellen Schick, David Booher
Standing:  Don Siegel, Lou Student, Carole Balsamo, Chris Coles, Gary Schick, Dan Booher

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April 2009
Dean Williams

STLVA member Dean Williams and long time Hollywood still photographer explains the origin of many Hollywood terms and demonstrates some of the techniques used in film making.

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